What is ATS?

99% of Fortune 500 companies use software to evaluate your resume. It becomes the hidden barrier between you and your dream job, and it prevents up to 95% of job applications from ever crossing the hiring manager’s desk: the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

ATS is a software system that analyzes multiple components of a job application and passes along only the most promising applications to the hiring manager. Employers use ATS technology because it allows them to receive and process thousands of applications in a very short amount of time. Because the ATS rejects candidates automatically, employees only have to evaluate the most qualified applicants.

Quinncia’s interviewing feature offers tailored mock interviews and individualized feedback using artificial intelligence that helps you practice telling your story based on experiences on your resume.

Different from video interviewing, many employers are moving first-round interviews to AI-assisted interviews, where there isn’t a human on the other end, and instead questions are presented on the screen or audio. Using this mock interview system can also help you prepare your interview presence for eventual video interviews as well.

“The step by step process on how to improve my resume has been very helpful and eye-opening. I feel more confident in my resume after using this site.”

Jane Smith
Honest University

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